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Recommended Extension Numbering Schema
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Please follow the below reserved number spacing template. In cases where extensions overlap features you may adjust as necessary. Call parks are static and cannot be used outside of the 700-799 range, extensions may also not be in this range with our default setup.

For 3 digit Numbering
Number Range Feature/Function
100-199 Extensions
200-299 Extensions
300-399 Extensions
400-499 Call Queues
500-599 Call Queues
600-610 / 612-699 Conferences (611 for support pin / call for repair)*
700-799 Call Parks (not for use for any other feature / users)
800-899 Auto Attendants 
900-910 / 912-999 Auto Attendants (911 for emergency services)
*If you need an extension at 611 you may contact support for a work-around.

For 4 digit Numbering
Number Range Feature/Function
1000-1999 Extensions
2000-2999 Extensions
3000-3999 Extensions
4000-4999 Call Queues
5002-5999 Call Queues
6000-6999 Conferences
7000-7999 Call Parks (not for use for any other feature / users)
8000-8999 Auto Attendants
9000-9999 Auto Attendants

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