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How do I forward a user's calls to a different number?
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To forward a user's calls you will want to click on the users icon (1) in the main menu and then select the user you want to have forwarded. (2) You can also search for the user by name or extension in the search box. (3)

This will open to the user profile and you will want to click on the answering rules tab. (4)

This will take you to the answering rules page. There is much you can do here, but for this article, we will only cover how to forward calls. Start by selecting the time frame. (5) Changes made here will only affect calls that come in during that time frame so you can have calls be forwarded to one number during business hours and another one after hours.

This will open the answering rule window. To forward all calls to a different number click on the always check box (6) and then enter the number your forwarding to in the field next to it. (7) This will cause all of their incoming calls to forward to the number in the field (7) rather than the user's phone. To turn off forwarding uncheck the checkbox. (6) You can forward to both internal and external numbers.

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