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User Advanced Settings
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This article assumes that you are already signed into the CallHarbor portal with office manager privileges. If you do not have a login to CallHarbor or you do not have the correct privileges please reach out to CallHarbor support.

  1. Start off by clicking on the Users menu from within the main menu of your CallHarbor phone system. This will take you to the Users screen where we will be able to manage your Users.
  2. Once you have entered into the Users page you will see a list of all users that are on your phone system. You may click on either the name of the user or the pencil icon and select Advanced from the drop-down on the right-hand side to edit each user's settings.
  3. Once you have opened the user's profile click on the Advanced tab if needed.

User Setup

In the User Setup section of the user Advanced tab, you can 1). See the status of the user account, the statuses are described below the image, 2). Reset User, this deletes and resets selected user settings and data, user data includes all voicemail, music on hold and greetings, 3). View the user's Email(s), 4). Send Welcome Email, this sends an email with a link to set up their password and voicemail PIN.

User Statuses

  • New - This is a newly created user.
  • Setup Required - This user must be recycled. (This shows if the VM Pin hasn't been set)
  • Password Required - A password reset is required by this user.
    (This shows if a password was never set up by the user)
  • Standard - User is fully setup.

Account Security

In the Account Security section of the user Advanced tab, you can 1). Force a reset of the user's password. This Clears their password, forcing the user to change it before they can access their account, 2). Enable an automatically sent recovery email after the password reset. Without the recovery email, the user will not be able to log back and will need to use the forgot password feature on the manager portal login page.

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