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How do button configuration templates work

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What is a button configuration template?
A button configuration template is a set of predefined button configurations that can be applied to a phone. You can use them to set up several phones with the same buttons.

How do you access the button configuration template?
To access button configuration template, you need to login to call harbor with a user with office manager permissions. When on the main menu, go to Inventory (1), Phone Hardware (2), click on the dropdown next to the button designer (3) and then click manage configuration templates (4).
This will open up a window that will allow to create edit, copy and delete button configuration templates.
How do I make a new template?
To make a new template enter a name and description in the two fields labeled template name (1) and description (2). Next, you need to pick the model of the phone from the drop-down menu (3). Different models have different buttons, so you can't make a template for one model and then use it on another. Lastly, click on the add button (4) to start working on your template.
This will launch the button designer. In the top right, you will see the name and description on your template(1), a picture of the phone model (2), and a list of buttons the phone model has (3).
From here, you can change buttons on your configuration template in much the same way you can change the buttons on a phone. You can add line appearance, BLFs, call parks, and speed dial buttons to your template. Keep in mind at this point, your template had not been saved. You need to manually save your template.

What is a line appearance?
A line appearance is a button on the phone that allows incoming and outgoing calls to be made to that extension. If you have 3 line appearances on a phone, you have 3 lines available.
How do I add a line to a template?
To add a new line button to a template, you want to click on the button (1) you want to become a new line. Select line appearance in the feature drop-down menu (2) You can't enter an extension for your line appearance. When you apply the template, it will copy the extension assigned to the phone.
What is a BLF?
BLF stands for Busy Lamp Feild. It can show you if a user is on a call. It will show up as red when the user is on a call, and green when they are not on a call.
How do I add a BLF?
To add a BLF button to a template, you want to click on the button (1) you want to become the BLF. Select User BLF in the feature drop-down menu (2) and then enter the extension number in the box underneath. (3)

What is a call park?
Please click here to learn more about call parks.
How do I add a call park?
To add a Park button to a template, you want to click on the button (1) you want to become the park button. Select Call park in the feature drop-down menu (2) and then enter the call queue number for the park in the box underneath. (3)
How do I add a Speed Dial to my template?
To add a speed dial button to a template, you want to click on the button (1) you want to become the speed dial. Select speed dial in the feature drop-down menu (2) and then enter the number for the speed dial in the box underneath. (3)
How do I add a custom label to a button?
When you add a new button, the system will give the button a name, but you can change that name by entering your own name inside of the custom label box. You can't add a custom label to a line appearance when on a template.
How do I remove a button from my template?
To remove a button from a phone, you want to click on the three dots next to the button (1) and then select the clear button from the popout menu.
How do I same my template?
When you have your template set up the way you want it, you want to make sure you click on the blue save button on the bottom to save it. If you cancel out of the button designer before saving, it won't keep the template.
How do I edit an existing template?
If you want to edit an existing template, simply click on the name of the template (1) and then click edit (2). This will launch the button designer allowing you to edit how you want the buttons set for that template. You will need to resave if you want the changes to keep.
How do I delete a template?
If you want to Delete an existing template, simply click on the name of the template (1) and then click edit (2). This will remove the template from the system.
How do I apply a template to a phone?
To apply a template to a phone, you need to open the phone in button designer first. When on the main menu, go to Inventory (1), Phone Hardware (2), and then click on the button labeled button designer (3).

This will open the Button Designer launcher. Next, you will need to select the phone you want to edit by typing its extension or its MAC in the search bar and clicking start.

This will bring up the button designer for the phone. To apply the template, you want to click on the top right button labeled template(1), select the template from the drop-down(2) menu, and click the apply template button(3). This will change the buttons on the phone to match the buttons in the template.
After you apply the template, you will want to click the blue save button in the bottom right. (1) This will save your button configuration to the call harbor system but won't update the physical phone. To update the phone, you will want to click on the blue arrow next to the save button (2) and then click save and resync. (3) This will cause the phone to update with the new buttons. If you want to close the button designer without making changes, then click the cancel button. (4)

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