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How do I add contacts?

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This article assumes that you are already signed into the CallHarbor portal. If you do not have a login to CallHarbor, please reach out to CallHarbor support.

To add a Contact

First, select the contacts icon. If you are using an office manager account and don't see a contacts icon, please select 'My Account' in the profile menu dropdown (circled in yellow).
Second, select 'My contacts' in the upper left corner dropdown menu if wanting to add a contact just for you, or select 'Shared' if wanting to create for everyone on the system.
Third, select the 'Add Contact' button
Fourth, fill out all known information of contact
Fifth, select 'Save'. The new contact should now appear under 'All' as well as the specific tab created under.
Any information inputted for a contact becomes a click to dial, click to fax, or click to email depending on the fields entered. If you have contacts that you call, fax, or email a lot, it would be worth adding to contacts.
This is not CallHarbor's fax number

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