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How do I adjust my Business Hours?

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Editing your business hours:

This section of the article assumes that you are already signed into the CallHarbor portal with office manager privileges. If you do not have a login to CallHarbor or you do not have the correct privileges please reach out to CallHarbor support.
  • Start off by clicking on the Time Frames button from within the main menu of your CallHarbor phone system. This will take you to the Time Frames screen where we will be able to manage your business hours.
  • 5d7dedf65e5554949939a2e4132ef1cf85a377b0c4ff46ebacd229607aeb569a907666b6a84e9201?t=d97a616cf236cfe19964274c1e26415cOnce you have entered into the conference page you will see a list of all time frames that are on your phone system. You may click on either the name of the time frame, or the pencil icon on the right hand side to edit each time frames settings.
Note that generally we configure any business hours from your initial setup if you do not have a Business Hours time-frame please reach out to us to have us complete the initial setup. Creating a business hours time-frame alone will not cause this feature to operate as intended.
  • Once you are inside of the business hours time-frame you may adjust the settings to your desired business hours by moving the slider. Turning on and off days of the week. As well as splitting your time-frame into two (great for a lunch break that occurs daily).
  1. Do not adjust this setting. This will cause your business hours to no longer take effect daily. You may adjust to Always however if you are switching to a 24/7 work schedule.
  2. This is where you may turn on and off days of the week. Now open on Saturday? Just click Saturday and adjust your hours.
  3. This is the slider that you may drag and drop to adjust hours. Note that the beginning of the slider is the beginning of your day, and end of the slider is the end.
  4. This is where you may split your day into two sets of time. This is great for breaks in the middle of the day where phone calls should be directed to an after hours message.
  5. This is where you may save or cancel your changes. Once saved changes take effect immediately. f3f37544e13edbdd6d330ddb79484b594edb2ed6dd0d400d4b8ca8a93575d604f801b5401c453be3?t=ce3edd2375c79533e8f07e7e9032c864

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