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How do I connect my Yealink phone to WiFi?

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***We do not recommend running a phone on WiFi. WiFi is an unreliable connection and may result in poor call quality***

If you have a Yealink SIP-T54W, then it is possible to set it up with wifi rather then a wired connection. We recommend using a wired network connection, but this can be used if there is no way to connect the phone physically.

To start you will need to plug in the phones power brick. Most of the time your phone will be powered by the network connection, but this can't be done if you are connecting by WiFi.

When the phone boots, you want to go to the menu by pressing the menu button.
Select the basic Icon. You can navigate the menu with the arrow keys and press OK to select.
Scroll down and select the WiFi option.
If this is the first time using the phone's WiFi, then you will see the screen below. You want to make sure wifi is selected (1), press switch (2) and then save (3). This will turn WiFi on for the phone.
After you turn the WiFi on you will want to connect the phone to your WiFi network. Go down and select available networks.
Select your WiFi network and press the connect button (1). If your WiFi has no password you can connect automatically otherwise the phone will ask you for the password. You enter you need to use the buttons on your phone. press the button multiple times and it will cycle through the numbers and letters on the button.
After entering the password the phone will connect to your WiFi and you will be able to make calls from it.

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