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How do I factory reset my Polycom phone?

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***Do not factory reset your phone unless told to by a support tech***

When do I want to factory reset my phone?
A factory reset will fix many small problems that happen with phones. Sometimes you will be asked to factory reset a phone by one of our support techs, but you should never do a factory reset unless told to.

How do I factory reset a Polycom phone?
1). Start by pressing the home button. It is the button that looks like a house.
2). Navigate over to settings. You use the arrow pad to move over.
3). Scroll down and select advanced.
3). It will ask for a password. The support tech will provide you with the password and you use the keypad to enter it. then press the enter softkey to confirm.
4). Select administrator settings.
5). Scroll down and select reset to defaults.
6). Scroll down again and select reset to factory.
7). You will be asked are you sure. Select the yes softkey.
8). The reset process will take around five minutes and your phone will reboot multiple times in the process. If the phone does not return to a working state, then you will want to contact support. Click here to email support.

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