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How do I send a welcome email?

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In order to use web features like the web soft phone, callharbor app or the callharbor portal, a user will need to have their login and password. If a user doesn't have their login or password, then you can have it sent to them by using a welcome email.

How to send a welcome email to one user?

(1) In order to send out a welcome email to a user, you first need to make sure their user has the correct email listed. You can find the user email listed under the user profile.
(2) Next you will need to go to the advanced tab.
(3) On the advanced tab click on the send welcome email button. This will send out a welcome email to the email(s) listed under the user profile.

How to send a welcome email to multiple users?

(1) If you need to send out more then one welcome email, you are able to send them out in bulk. On the user tab, select the users you want to receive the welcome email.
(2) Now click on the Bulk Action button.
(3) This will open the Bulk Action window. Here you can select Send Welcome Email bubble and click on the Complete Action button. This will send a welcome email to each user you selected.

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