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How do you set hold music on a call queue?

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This article assumes that you are already signed into the CallHarbor portal with office manager privileges. If you do not have a login to CallHarbor or you do not have the correct privileges please reach out to CallHarbor support.
  1. Start off by clicking on the Call Queues menu from within the main menu of your CallHarbor phone system. This will take you to the Call Queues page where we will be able to manage your call queues.e583bf6da78710a44547e21c2067e16b0da93c7bc19204e6884af62417b249b23c97f85868882b3e?t=d9c23e8f767032ecf8006751e5d454e4
  2. Once you have entered into the Call Queues page you will see a list of all call queues that are on your phone system. Click the Edit MOH button on the right side of the page next to the call queue you want to change. This will take you to the Music on hold page for the call queue.33a3a2d86a73bc94900be425a2c80933a8f6d90e99318bf075c1b7beca5e3a097174e0e8981e556c?t=fa57f6cf4ee8ae1062bc2359e2eab7d5
  3. Once you have entered into the Music on hold page for the call queue, click the Add Music button. The Add Music popup window will appear.90114ef016a81acf294feaa28b08ae40a058ebcda914423c3ba18459c426261edcc5a29d14d0b4c7?t=5b742d35619e7621fcbeb140f0d3b61e
  4. Once the popup window appears, click the browse button and select the audio file you want to add to the call queue. Then enter a name for it in the Song Name field and press upload.5390d0d410bb06f342bd9b432dbf1855afbfee0dcb059d9dbdc81ccab1b64825534dbb7883cfb38d?t=8b542362f1e298f0da2215e9e616c882

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