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HubSpot Calling and Call Logging

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This guide will run through the steps to automatically have your outbound calls logged within HubSpot, and how to make outbound calls from within HubSpot and the chrome extension. 


This guide assumes that you have our Chrome Extension installed, and that you have logged into it using your CallHarbor credentials. 

Chrome Extension Installation Page


Configuring automatic call logging:

  1. Open the chrome extension by clicking on the CallHarbor icon from the extensions area within chrome.
  2. Click settings at the bottom right:
  3. Click the toggle on the HubSpot program under the Call Logging section and follow the steps in the pop-up window. 
  4. Once you have completed the steps in the pop-up window you will see that HubSpot is connected successfully.

You are now configured for automatic call logging! Any calls made from your CallHarbor desk phone, and web phone will automatically be logged in the contact record within HubSpot. 


Making outbound calls for HubSpot contacts:

  1. Search HubSpot for the contact you would like to call. 
  2. Highlight the number that you would like to call:
  3. Right click
  4. Click the call button with the CallHarbor icon.
  5. Your call should now commence and be logged automatically once completed.



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