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Intro Greetings vs Menu Prompts

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What is the difference between intro greetings and menu prompts?
An introductory greeting is an automated answering option that will provide callers with a greeting followed by some brief information. If there is no introductory greeting the call will transfer directly to the menu prompt. A Menu Prompt is a recorded description of the options and their assigned numerical keys.
Intro greetings are assigned to a timeframe. This means that the intro greeting played can be different depending on the time of day. Menu prompts are played when a caller reaches the menu of an auto attendant, these are not assigned timeframes but rather assigned to the menu of the auto attendant.

Why would I use an intro greeting?
An intro greeting is good to use when you want one message to play during business hours, and another to play during after hours, but to follow the same call routing 24 hours a day. Another reason to use an intro greeting is when you have an announcement or news you wish to inform your customer of.

Should I include my menu options in my intro greeting?
No, you should not include menu options in your intro greeting. The menu prompt next to the Dial Pad Menu should contain the recording with the menu options. It is best practice to keep these separate, so any changes made to the intro greeting or the options will only affect that single recording, rather than the entire auto attendant recording as a whole.

Why would I use a menu prompt?
A menu prompt is utilized for every auto attendant, as the menu prompt describes what options are available via the number keys. Menu prompts can include a permanent greeting to the customer followed by the menu options, but intro greetings cannot.

Should I include temporary announcements or news in my menu prompt?
No, if you have temporary announcements or news, an intro greeting should be added for this. Menu prompts should only include menu options.

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