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Porting in Phone Numbers

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Port In FAQ

How long will it take to port in once submitted?
  • Ports can generally occur within 7 business days. However some ports may take longer if account information is incorrect or the losing carrier denies the port.

What are the statuses of a port?
  • Submitted (submitted and awaiting verification from losing carrier)
  • CSR Required (a CSR is required to continue)
  • Rejected (your port has been rejected and will need to be resubmitted with proper information)
  • FOC (a date has been confirmed for your port to process)

When will I need an LOA (Letter of Authorization) filed out?
  • All Toll Free numbers require a LOA, most local numbers will not, however our support staff will let you know if there is a special case where it is required.

What is a CSR?
  • A CSR is a customer service record that is sometimes required to continue with the porting process. This would be requested by the customer to their current / losing carrier. It is generally provided by mail or email.
If you are looking to submit a port please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you through the process. Please include with your support request the phone numbers you are looking to port, their use case, as well as a copy of your bill from the losing carrier.

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