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Download and Install CallHarborUC
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If you are currently utilizing CallHarbor Mobile some changes may be required to make sure that your queue calls, or general calls ring the new application. Please reach out to CallHarbor Support to ensure that your account is ready for the new application and for assistance in the transition. 


Both applications may be installed side by side (CallHarbor Mobile & CallHarborUC) if you would like to test ahead of uninstalling CallHarbor Mobile. Please note that once uninstalled CallHarbor Mobile may not be reinstalled. 


Our support team is here to assist with any questions that you have regarding the new mobile app. 



The all new CallHarborUC app is available for iOS and Android and brings with it some new features and improvements.


Some of the changes include:

  • Better handling of WiFi <-> Cellular transitions
  • Built in diagnostic information for call quality
  • Complete rewrite of application to make it more stable on a variety of devices
  • Added 1 to 1 video calling
  • More in-depth settings to allow functionality in complex network environments



To download the new App please follow the below instructions



  1. In the app store, search for “callharboruc” or click this link

  2. then tap the “GET” button. 



  1. In the play store, search for “callharboruc” or click this link

  2. then tap the “Install” button.




In the app store, hit the “Open” button.



In the play store, hit the “Open” button.



For more information on how to utilize the Call Harbor mobile app, please see our guide here:

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