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Utilizing the CallHarborUC application
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Once you initially open the app you will be presented with a Sign In page, please utilize the same login that you use for to login to the app, if you are unsure of your login please either reset your login from or contact CallHarbor support for more assistance.


Dial Pad Tab

From this page you can dial a specific number and make calls.
To delete or backspace, use the arrow that appears on the right-side of the number you are dialing.


Once within a call the app will transition to the active call screen. From this screen you may utilize many functions such as placing a call on hold, muting a call, placing them on speaker, etc. Note that the video function will only occur when on a call from extension to extension or with another CallHarborUC user.


Transferring a call once on a call can be completed by pressing the transfer button, and then dialing the extension of the user who you would like to transfer the call to. Once you have dialed the extension you must press the call button on iPhone to complete the transfer, or the transfer button at the top right on Android to complete the transfer.



Call History Tab
From the call history tab you can view incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. To filter to viewing just “missed calls,” tap the “All Calls” text on the top right and select the “Missed Calls” option.



Contacts Tab
From the contacts tab, you can view either your personal contacts* from your cell phone, or your work contacts. To switch between the two, tap on the “Company” text on the top right and select “Address Book” from the drop-down menu. 

Note: If you would like to view your personal contacts to make phone calls to them via the app, be sure to enable the “Contacts” permissions.


Messaging Tab
To send a text message, hit the green circle at the bottom right of the screen (Android) or the pencil and paper icon in the top right (iOS), then either enter the phone number(s) and/or select a contact(s), and then tap in the blank box at the bottom of the screen to enter the message you would like to send. Hit the send button to the right when ready.


Settings Tab
The settings tab contains the “Visual Voicemail” to view your voicemail, and the “User Settings” submenu. The “User Settings” tab contains:

  • Changing the answer rules priority’s
  • Enabling/disabling voicemails
  • Recording voicemail greetings
  • Other voicemail settings



Visual voicemail gives you the ability to view voicemail transcriptions, listen to voicemails; forward, save, and delete voicemails.

Note: To view voicemail transcriptions, voicemail transcription must be enabled which can be done from the “User Settings” menu.



User Settings
The user settings page allows you to adjust your answering rules (reorder them), as well as change voicemail settings and greetings. 

Note: Adjusting your answering rule priority may affect how your phone rings including your desk phone. 


App Settings
This page can be accessed by pressing the three dots at the top right hand side of the application (hamburger menu).

This page is to be utilized for changing app specific settings, as well as managing advanced features of the app. It is suggested that you work with a CallHarbor support representative prior to making any adjustments within this page. 

If you need to reset the application or logout you may do so from this page by choosing reset application.


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