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Call Park Creation / Utilization
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Call Parking

Call Parking is easy to setup, and has multiple ways it can be utilized (even at the same time). This is a great option for offices where people are not at the same phone, or where someone can not get to a transfer right away.

Configuring Call Parking

Configuring A Call Park

To configure a park you will need to login to the portal and select the queues option while inside of a domain.

You will now click the add queue button on the top right.

Select the call park option, and enter an extension either in the 700-799 range, or 7000-7999 range.
(Call parks only work in this range, and this range cannot be utilized for any other applications / users)

Next go to the users tab and select the Call Park user you had created in the last step (eg. 700). Select the Voicemail tab, and uncheck enable Voicemail.

Configuring Ring-back Delay

All parks will ring back the original user who parked the call by default. You may adjust this by changing the answering rules of the park user (eg. 700).

Utilizing The Call Parks

There are three different ways to utilize a Call Park after it has been created.

  1. Park the call by transferring to the parking lot, and retrieve by dialing the parking lot number.
    Eg. Blind transfer to 700 to park, Dial 700 to retrieve.
  2. Dialing *** while in a call.
    This will automatically look for parking lots within 700-710 and 7000-7010 and park the call reading back which lot the caller was parked in. You may dial the number to pickup the call. If you would like to configure a button to do this you must set the button type as Mid-Call DTMF.

    Listen to how this sounds:
  3. Utilizing park buttons on the phones. To park press the button on the phone, to retrieve press the button on the phone.
    This may be configured within the button designer, or by setting the button type to “Park” on the phone in question.

Configuring Buttons for Parking

To configure the buttons for parking (option three for usage) you must utilize button designer or fully understand the overrides of the phone in question.
If not utilizing button designer you must set the buttons to act as “Call Park”, this feature may not be available on all phones, however it is on Grandstream, Yealink, and Polycom.

Utilizing Button Designer

First open button designer for the phone in question, this can be achieved by clicking inventory, phone hardware, and then clicking on the gear icon next to the phone that you would like to edit (from within a domain).

Next configure the buttons so that they are set to “Park” enter the extension that you have setup as a park queue, and then label the button with a label that works for your client. Example below. Save this setting, or save and re-sync this setting.

The next time that the phone is rebooted or re-synced to the system for configuration the parking buttons will appear and can be utilized just as described in option three.

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