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Set Up Your Voicemail
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First Time Accessing Voicemail

  1. Dial 5001 OR *97 from your phone or click the message button on your phone
  2. You will be prompted to record your name after you hear a tone; after you record your name press #
  3. Then you will be prompted to record a voicemail greeting; after you are done press #
  4. You are now done setting up your voicemail

Voicemail Main Menu

  1. Press 1 for new messages

  2. Press 2 for old messages

  3. Press 3 to send messages

    • Press 1 to send a message to an individual (Each user extension is delimited by a # sign)

    • Press 2 to broadcast to all

    • Press 3 to send to a group

  4. Press 4 to set call forwarding

    • Press 1 to change DO NOT DISTURB

    • Press 2 to set the forwarding destination

    • Press 3 to turn forwarding ON or OFF

    • Press 4 to forward to here. This will forward all calls to the phone you are calling from

  5. Press 5 to set your current options

    • Press 1 to change your password

    • Press 2 to record your name

  6. Press 6 to change greetings

    • Press 1 to record greetings

    • Press 2 to review greetings

    • Press 3 to select greetings

  7. Press 7 to recover deleted voicemails


If you do not know your voicemail pin you may reset this from within the portal, or reach out to CallHarbor Support.

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